New Cameras detect drivers using phone while driving

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New Cameras detect drivers using phone while driving
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New South Wales Government setup new cameras which use artificial intelligence to identify people illegally using their phones while driving in 2019. The cameras can detect driver using phone while driving both day and night in all weather conditions. Drivers can be catched in any speed condition.

Camera detect using phone while driving
Camera detect using phone while driving

They are able to catch drivers traveling up to 300 kph also. The camera catches motorists on mobile phones has been installed among a cluster of cameras above Sydney’s bustling M4 motorway.

The groundbreaking new technology captures images still, video and artificial intelligence to detect if the driver who passes beneath is texting, talking,  listening or reading.

Out of this information, authorities are now able to tell whether you are checking your Facebook account or focusing on the road.

Three of these new cameras are being tested by competing companies in Sydney – and the first has been installed on the M4 overpass near Clunies Ross Road in Prospect in the city’s west.

However, no fines shall be issued as the technology has been examined. And everything test recordings will be deleted.

Drivers distraction is thought as the reason for about 16 percent of serious crashes. The other day, a significant new study offered to the Australasian Street Safety Conference exposed startling new numbers which show that each 96 mere seconds, an Aussie drivers is sidetracked by something apart from the street ahead

In addition, it reveals 6 % of the non-driving jobs captured on video led to near misses. Drivers sharply braked, swerved in to the next street, forgot to point, or didn’t produce to a pedestrian.

This past year, NSW Police passed out about 42,000 fines to motorists caught on the cell phones, with the distraction increasingly growing as one factor in fatal crashes within the last decade.
Before five years, NSW has documented 184 crashes blamed on cellular phone use, seven deaths and 47 serious injuries.

In NSW, motorists caught using phone while driving can be charged with a $337 fine and a lack of five demerit points. Check out the fine rules for using phone while driving in all states in Australia.

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